Algebra Edge in Seattle

Algebra Edge

Algebra Edge in Seattle

Algebra Skill Practice in Seattle

Looking for algebra help in Seattle? Whether your son or daughter is having trouble keeping up, needs to brush up on algebra skills or wants to get a jump on the next math class, Sylvan is here to help with pre-algebra, algebra 1 and algebra 2. With our engaging lessons, expert math coaches and a curriculum aligned with school standards, we’ll help your teen get ahead!

To make it easier for teens to master these higher-level math subjects — while building digital literacy, reasoning skills and confidence — we use a proven combination of:

• Interactive, digital content that makes learning fun and engaging
• Guided, step-by-step support that keeps frustration down
• Interactive lesson recaps -- tailored to your teen -- to help tough concepts stick

Algebra Edge is offered at convenient times and our affordable pricing makes it easy to fit into your budget. Sign up today!

How Algebra Edge works

Your son or daughter completes algebra lessons on an iPad®, working independently in a low stress setting. Each algebra lesson includes video-based instruction. It breaks down the problems step-by-step and engages your teen in answering the problems in parts, so he or she actually learns the skills.

The videos and “walk me through” features go much deeper than typical video instruction. We turn algebra problems into bite-size, manageable components, so concepts truly click and your teen feels engaged in the learning process.

Another big difference from other algebra programs? Sylvan of Seattle's expert math coaches! They’re on-hand to oversee your teen’s progress and offer individual motivation.

What to expect from our algebra skill practice

With Algebra Edge, your son or daughter will:

•  Easily master algebra skills with a balanced focus on computation, process, reasoning and problem solving.
•  Make a big academic impact with the way algebra is taught in school. (You don’t have to become an expert!)
•  Build independent learning skills that can make an impact far beyond school.
•  Stay motivated through instant feedback on his or her work, as well as recognition from Sylvan math coaches. 

Give your teen an edge in algebra

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