Meet our Sherman Oaks Tutoring Staff


Great Teachers Inspire

Our tutors and staff in Sherman Oaks & Studio City consist of passionate educators who love inspiring children to succeed. Warm, caring and great at relating to kids, our tutors in Sherman Oaks know how to engage and motivate each child in a personal way—building confidence and smiles, as well as skills and better scores. We selectively choose tutors who know local curriculum and can link Sylvan lessons to what’s being taught in school. Get to know our tutors and staff in Sherman Oaks & Studio City!

  • Marilyn Del Rio, Center Director

    Marilyn Del Rio

    Center Director

    Marilyn Del Rio has been with the Sylvan team for 9 years supporting centers all over Los Angeles in various roles and found her passion for marketing as she developed relationships with partner schools and businesses. Her favorite part of working with Sylvan though has been helping families find solutions for their child(ren) and seeing the confidence grow with their skills. Marilyn is excited to work with your child(ren) as the Center Director of Sylvan Learning of Sherman Oaks. When she's not in the center, you'll find her at the nearest dog park with her fur baby, Gigi, or enjoying music at a local concert.
  • Nancy Diaz, Program Manager

    Nancy Diaz

    Program Manager

    Nancy has a gift for working with kids. While she has many tutoring talents, Nancy finds the greatest joy in teaching elementary reading and math. She has been a tutor and program manager for the Northridge center for 2 years, and earned her Elementary credential from CSUN. Nancy has also worked as a teacher's assistant at Garden Grove Elementary. When Nancy isn't at Sylvan, you'll find her playing and singing songs to her new baby boy!
  • Cat Chittick, Education/Operations Coordinator

    Cat Chittick

    Education/Operations Coordinator

    After receiving her degree from Wayne State University in Michigan, Cat moved to Los Angeles and spent several years teaching Shakespeare in the Beyond Borders: Arts and Language for Youth program and subbing in classrooms in the city. After accepting a job at Sylvan over 20 years ago, she realized she had found her new "home." Cat has worked in many different roles, and loves talking to parents and teachers who know that Sylvan has been a lifeline for so many students. Currently, she is responsible for operations, program management, and ongoing training of all staff members. In her free time, Cat enjoys baking, doing anything crafty, and spending time with her husband and two children.
  • Amie S., Tutor

    Amie S.


    Amie Soffer has been with Sylvan since August 2021. She has 13 years of teaching experience with a B.A degree in Mass Communications and an A.A Degree in early childhood education. When Amie is not working at Sylvan, she loves spending time with her Husband Darren, and her cat Farfalle. 
  • Erin T., Tutor

    Erin T.


    Erin is a lifelong student with a passion for learning. She loves helping students get excited about learning and gain the confidence to achieve their goals. Born and raised in Ohio, she moved to Los Angeles over five years ago and fell in love with the city, the people, and all the yummy food. She earned her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University, and her MFA from AFI, and has 7+ years of experience working with learners ranging in age from preschool all the way to undergraduates in college. In her spare time, she loves writing, hiking, going to the beach, exploring new dog parks, and going to the movies. She is a dog mom and cat lover, too!
  • Bob R., Tutor

    Bob R.


    Bob is an instructor and writer in education, charity, entertainment, and journalism. At elementary schools, he has been a substitute teacher and also a literacy intervention tutor. Bob was a copy editor and entertainment reviewer for the Tolucan Times newspaper, and a biographer at Steven Spielberg’s Holocaust history institute the Shoah Foundation. At the Red Cross, he has done missing persons work, and Holocaust-related family research, for over 15 years. Bob often writes in the style of Magic Realism, having authored hundreds of poems and short stories. He wrote a 40-page mini-novel for a songwriter’s 2018 pop music album, and will publish a children’s book soon.
  • Angelita S., Tutor

    Angelita S.


    Angelita has been an ESL, English, and Math Teacher for 35 years. She speaks six different languages and loves to interact with students of different nationalities and culture. It gives her great happiness and satisfaction when students accomplish their goals. She teaches all ages and loves working in Sylvan. The staff is so kind and friendly. Angelita's favorite color is pink and her hobbies are dancing, cooking and listening to music. 
  • Shahnaz P., Tutor

    Shahnaz P.


    Shahnaz is a gifted math teacher who has a passion for the topic. She finds great joy in helping students who are struggling with a concept overcome their challenges and learn the material. Shahnaz is originally from Tehran, and holds BS degrees in physics and accounting. Her hobbies include playing chess, backgammon, rock climbing, yoga, running and ping-pong.



    Corine holds a Master’s degree in Education. She has worked for Bright Star Schools for 3 years teaching Kindergarten. She also enjoys tutoring students at Sylvan! In her free time she loves spending time with friends, and playing with her cats, Ed and Eloise.
  • Eloisa L., Tutor

    Eloisa L.


    Eloisa holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology, but she has worked in LAUSD for 3 years and enjoys working with and tutoring students at Sylvan! Eloisa is vegetarian, her favorite colors are green, yellow, and purple; and loves to hang out with her sisters in her free time.
  • Roxana S., Teacher's Assistant

    Roxana S.

    Teacher's Assistant

    Roxana loves to learn new things! She keeps going back to school to learn new and different skills. As a writer, she has several published pieces. She loves kids and is a strong addition to the administrative team. 
  • Joe F. , Tutor

    Joe F.


    Joe enjoys teaching all levels of math, but especially Algebra and SAT/ACT prep. He truly became excited about math when he was exposed to pre-algebra in the 7th grade. He loved trying to figure out complex number puzzles and appreciated the fact that math always has just one right answer. Joe graduated from Duke University with a BA in Economics and a minor in Chemistry and The Yale School of Management with an MBA in Marketing and Leadership. In his free time, Joe enjoys cooking and discovering new recipes and styles of cooking. He is also writing a biography about Coach Willie Jeffries, the first African American head football coach in NCAA Division I-A.