Testimonials for Sylvan of Sioux Falls

At Sylvan Learning of Sioux Falls, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • At the end of last school year, my child's school called me. They informed me he was a full school year behind in reading and that they would like to put him in special education for reading when school resumed in the fall. This was something I really didn’t want, as he is a twin and I would like to avoid the inevitable conversation that would follow if they figured out they were on different levels of reading. I promised myself I would work with him all summer to get him up to speed. I spent the first couple of days frustrated because he would shut down the second he came upon something that was difficult. I tried many, many different ways to get him to read, sight words, or any other reading activity, but nothing was working. The only thing we were accomplishing was both of us becoming frustrated. So I checked out Sylvan. They were quick to get us in for a consultation and quick to let me know what could be worked on. I was a bit skeptical, but like I said, I was desperate. I decided to go for it. And I'm glad I did. Sometimes I sneak in early to watch him and I almost can't believe it's the same kid. He sits at the table and his face is bright with enthusiasm and every time after I pick him up, he excitedly tells me about all the stuff he has learned. The biggest thing that Sylvan is giving my son is confidence. The biggest thing Sylvan is giving me is relief. My son is set on track to be where he needs to be when school starts. Not only is he making up for lost time, he will have bypassed that summer learning loss that so many kids go through because he has kept up on his reading all summer long. I would highly recommend Sylvan for any who want to give their kid a boost. I don't know how Sylvan does it, but they have given my son a joy for learning and I'm really happy with my decision to enroll him. It's probably the smartest investment I'll ever make.

    Kelly Van Hull
  • Everyone at Sylvan - Thank you so much for an amazing summer of FUN learning! Both boys loved coming. It takes special people to make learning so fun. Thanks again. 

    Jeanine and Vince Hoff-Lubben
  • They are amazing to work with. Our son LOVES going to Sylvan. They are thoughtful, considerate of our time and just caring for our son 100% while he is there. We can already see drastic changes in the little time we have been there [22 hours]. They are easy to work with if there is a scheduling problem as well. They keep the parents informed on your child's progress along the way. Can't say enough good about them.

    Scott and Rachel
  • I have had great results with Sylvan Learning Center with my son Caleb. After only 20 hours, his 1st grade teacher has seen significant growth in his writing and reading. Caleb has gone from a DRL of 6 to 8 and has made a lot of progress toward his grade level and retention is no longer the best option for Caleb. This has been our goal and makes Caleb’s father and I very happy and we are looking forward to the results after Caleb completes his classes at Sylvan.

    Brenda and Geoff Jarrott
  • Sylvan has been a huge help for Kade. The teachers are wonderful and staff members are accommodating and pleasant. I appreciated the frequent scheduling changes I needed to make were no problem. Kade is a much more confident and focused student because of Sylvan.

    Laurie D. Hanson
  • I absolutely loved the Advanced Reading Skills (ARS) program and how it opened up my eyes to faster, more efficient reading with increased comprehension. I used to hate reading - even reading a hundred page book was a task. Now I love reading and longer books are not a chore to read, but something I look forward to.

    Derrick Kruetzfeldt - Former High School Senior
  • I just want you to know how much Sylvan Learning has meant to our family. Our 4th grader is consistently reading at two grades above his current level for several years now. Our 5th grader is always ahead of the other students and the teacher has had a hard time coming up with challenging problems for him in math class. Our oldest son is in college and after taking the study skills course in high school, he improved on his ACT score and is now on the Dean's list! The professional staff at Sylvan have not only made learning interesting but also enjoyable for our boys!

    Mary Y
  • Our son Jonathan took the ACT Prep course at Sylvan to obtain a great score on the ACT. Though his score did improve, he said it was the test-taking and studying strategies that he learned during the course that he applied toward his other subjects that improved his GPA so he was able to become eligible for $20,000 in scholarship moneys for college! He credits the course with helping him become a much more efficient and effective student. His hard work and persistance paid off. Thank you Sylvan!

    Susan & Mark Schmit
  • I really appreciate everything that everyone did to make Cole and I feel at home there. I felt that Cole was someone special to you - not just a number. Thanks again.

    Brenda Zwart
  • We thank everyone involved that helped Shannon during her time at Sylvan. She was excited to come and learn and also looked forward to spending her tokens at the the store. We feel she is ready to start 5th grade with confidence. Thank you!

    Lois Bierschbach
  • We are very pleased with the instruction and affirmation that our son received from Sylvan instructors, as well as the professional and sincere follow-up we received at conferences.

    Laurie Dirnberger
  • English and Math subjects taught excellent. Administrators Carol and Audra are excellent communicators with us

    Jaya and Madhu Potla
  • I now have confidence and faith that I can do math. It helps me a lot with school work, especially as the assignments start to get harder and harder. I got A's on my last two quizzes, and one of them was 100%, it's just easier now and I get it.

    Rachel Herum, former Algebra student
  • We are so happy with the results Bryson had with Sylvan. He made such good progress with all his teachers, who treated him so great and helped him so much. We would have never known his full potential had it not been for Sylvan. Sylvan has helped Bryson get ahead, after being so far behind for too long. Bryson loved to come to Sylvan and he found the help he needed. If it comes to a point that he needs help again, we will enroll him in Sylvan again. Thanks Sylvan and Carol!

    Lynette and Dave
  • Sylvan is the best program to help children with learning problems. It makes kids feel welcome, smart, and worthy. I would recommend it to any parent who wants to help their child become all they desire to be. It's the best investment we made with our money with the largest return. Thanks to you all.

    Tracy Nordquist
  • Our son Josh attended Sylvan for about 200 hours in reading and math. He has been on the honor roll ever since and we just got the results of his Dakota Step test back and he is above proficient in both math and reading. He has an A in math this year and loves it. Sylvan was the best money we've ever spent and we have never been sorry for a minute that we spent it!

    Michelle & Dave Robinson
  • Dalton's performance and confidence flourished...he became a reader.

    Dodie Wageris
  • Our daughter loves going to Sylvan. The teachers and staff at Sylvan have pinpointed her weaknesses and teaching her ways to overcome them. Wonderful place!

    Tracie Price
  • Our son, Max, is an 18 year old who took the Advanced Reading Skills (ARS) course to improve the Reading section of his ACT and to enhance his reading skills for college coursework. He was thoroughly impressed by what he learned in such a short period. His instructor was Kurt. As he says, 'Kurt rocks'.

    Nancy Hanson
  • We could see an improvement in our son's reading skill after 2 sessions- he started reading billboards and such!!  The expense is worth it and we will continue.

    Mathew Torgerson
  • Sylvan of Sioux Falls is wonderful. If you have a child struggling in school, don't hesitate to turn to Sylvan for help. They have the knowledge and ability to create a truly individualized learning experience for your child in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere. They have helped our first grader finally find success in learning to read. He now has much more confidence and is a budding little reader! The Kindergarten teacher had wanted us to hold him back, but with his age and abilities in other areas, we didn't want to keep him back unless it was our only option. After meeting with Sylvan, we knew it wasn't. He's now half way through 1st grade and doing a great job "holding his own" in the classroom. I could write a short story about how Sylvan does what they do and why their approach to learning is so unique and refreshing! Rather than do that, I will simply say, give them a call or go check them out and see for yourself - you will not be disappointed!Thanks, Sylvan!!

    Nancy Harrell
  • Sylvan has been an amazing asset to our son's education. The strengths that we knew were there and are now finally seeing in addition to the confidence that is being built in him have been an answer to our worries and prayers. It is an investment that will last a lifetime! I would definitely recommend this awesome facility!!!

    Jess Bosma
  • We are absolutely in LOVE with Sylvan. Our son enjoys the people and environment and his progress is amazing!!! He has been working on reading since his start in Spring 2014 and has made AMAZING progress and is very eager to learn how to read by himself. He has now started Handwriting without Tears and we look forward to how much better his writing will be when he starts school in the fall. We cannot say enough good things about the staff at Sylvan!

    Christi Huebner
  • We have been beyond satisfied with our experience at Sylvan. Our son has benefited greatly over the past 5 months at Sylvan. Sylvan has not only helped our son learn the fundaments, they have increased our sons confidence in himself that is clearly showing in his work at school. Thanks Sylvan.

    Joshua Pulford
  • We have been rewarded with a great experience from Sylvan learning to help our daughter with her math. At home it brought nothing but more frustration and stress for all of us. We continue to look forward to her skills growing stronger with the help of Sylvan.

    Todd Rohr
  • Sylvan has been very good for our son. We have learned more about HOW he learns, and what works well for him.

    Mark Dykstra
  • We couldn't be happier having our son at Sylvan! They are amazing to work with. My son LOVES going to Sylvan. They are thoughtful, considerate of our time and just caring for our son 100% while he is there. We've seen drastic changes in the time we have been there. They are easy to work with if there is a scheduling conflict as well. They keep the parents informed on your child's progress along the way. We can’t praise them enough. It's heartwarming to see your child so excited about something that used to be such a struggle for them. We don’t have tears anymore when it comes to homework but we do have excitement and smiles from ear to ear! Thanks Sylvan of Sioux Falls!!!!!!

    Rachel H
  • I have nothing but excellent things to say about Sioux Falls Sylvan Learning. The people I worked with were always respectful, pleasant and helpful. My granddaughter participated in the program for 16 hours per week for the entire summer. Not once did she complain about having to go the center. She loved the teachers and staff. Most of all, she has learned the necessary skills that will enable her to perform at her grade level with confidence. Sylvan has given her another chance at life to do whatever she chooses to do in the future! Thank you so much Sylvan! We couldn't have done it without you.

    Brenda Struck
  • We have been very impressed with Sylvan location in Sioux Falls. The staff is very professional and I love the way they interact with the students. My son was nervous about going at first, but now he enjoys going and we have really seen an improvement in his reading and confidence.

    Barb Erickson
  • We have been attending Sylvan Learning for about one and a half years now. We continue to see great value in the skills and confidence they help build in to our son. Our son looks forward to Sylvan and is always ecstatic to show us what he learned when we pick him up. We went from loathing elementary school to looking forward to school. Our son has also joined the Sylvan lego league this summer, we can’t say enough good things about the the program. Thanks Sylvan, your center has been a great investment in our son's potential.

    Joshua Pulford
  • We had our son start about a year ago, his grades went up in school. He is a lot more confident in his abilities. All the teachers are great with the kids if there is an area where they need help, they spend the time with them to understand it.

    Matthew Wosje
  • My son looks forward to going to Sylvan, he is bummed when it isn't a Sylvan day. He has made great progress, and it's greatly improved his confidence.

    Lance Grasma
  • Our son has struggled with school and reading. He has been attending Sylvan and he is wanting to go there, asking when he goes! He is wanting to read books to us!!!!!  His grandparents have even noticed a difference in his confidence levels and attitude. It had been a great thing for him!

    Beckey Grasma
  • Sylvan Learning of Sioux Falls is a top notch facility that is able to tailor the program to fit the needs of the individual and the results are amazing!! It has been a positive experience for our son and also for us as parents. It goes past just education when your child is able to feel confident in school with the skills that are obtained and to see them flourish instead of flounder is worth every dollar we spend and every mile we drive to get him there. Thank you Sylvan!!

    Jess Bosma
  • Since starting Sylvan, I'm seen a major improvement in my daughter's handwriting skills that had thus far, been difficult to correct. I also really appreciate the teacher's willingness to adapt her approach to keeping her focused during her work. 

    Stacy Bissoon
  • We have been very happy with the staff at Sylvan! They have made our son feel so welcome, and even though we have only been there for a short time, he is happier than we have EVER seen him when it comes to getting homework done, and coming to the center for help! We are truly thankful for such a great experience!

    Angie Rysdon
  • The program at Sylvan is fantastic! The staff and instructors are positive, supportive and helpful. This is a great learning environment for kids. Most importantly, the program definitely delivers on results!

    Sharon Kay
  • We love Sylvan! Our son enjoys going to Sylvan and NEVER complains about the work he does there. He even brings work home to do and does it without putting up a fight. Sylvan has made a huge difference in his learning.

    Lori Helland
  • Once I joined Sylvan, everyone was so sweet to me and helped me out so much! I got so much work done for all the time I was there.  I learned so many things that I thought would take forever, but with their help, I completed the missing things I didn't know or have done. They help you with whatever homework or questions you have. I would recommend Sylvan for everyone in grades k- 12. They also do college students!  It's fun and a great way to learn!

    Anna Suedbeck
  • Our daughter started at Sylvan last year and we can sure tell the difference. She is catching up to the grade she is currently in and will prepare for the 5th grade over summer! She has become more confident in what she has been working on in school. Math and reading are not such a chore anymore! Thank goodness for the great staff at Sylvan! We truly appreciate all the help! Thank you!

    Sarah Hofer
  • I watched my best friends daughter (who I babysit) go to Sylvan. The staff is very welcoming and she always has fun and looks forward to going every time! She has definitely made a lot of progress with her reading (which is what she is there for.)

    Brittney Lux
  • My daughter loves coming to Sylvan. They make learning fun, and the staff is so friendly and welcoming that children like to come and learn. It is truly a great place to help give you kids a leg up. Thanks!!!

    Sharon Feser
  • My daughter has been attending Sylvan for math and reading and really loves going. The staff is very caring and adaptable. They are willing to focus on my daughters strengths and create an individual plan for her learning. I cannot say enough about how much it has helped build her confidence and helped her succeed in school. Thanks Sylvan!!

    Diane Leafstedt