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Testimonials for Sylvan of Strongsville

At Sylvan Learning of Strongsville, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • They have been so helpful. I truly feel that they have my child's best interests in mind. I couldn't be more pleased with the service and the improvements that I have seen in my child.

    Penny F. - 4/16/16
  • I am writing on behalf of my son's experience thus far at Sylvan Learning Center in Strongsville. My son has felt that it has helped him stay more organized and focused. The teachers are very helpful and tend to his academic needs. As a parent, I am always kept informed of my son's efforts and progress and I appreciate the communication efforts that are made with my son's Algebra teacher at Strongsville High School.

    Benjamin Eplin - 4/2016
  • I had a 44% in math and Sylvan helped me pass 3 tests to get to a passing grade. They have also helped me a lot to study for the ACT. Everyone there is very helpful and polite and easy to work with I would recommend Sylvan for anyone who needs help in any subject in any grade level. Thank you guys!

    Tyler Thornton - 4/2016
  • I really liked that the instructors really went out if their way to help my child achieve and believe in herself...that she can jump this hurdle.

    J. A. - 3/12/16
  • My daughter went from zero to 75% in two years and they include the parents in everything they do concerning your child. Also the teachers are friendly and nice. I will recommend anyone that is thinking of taking their child there.

    Violet I. - 3/3/16
  • Start and end times are prompt. My kids are learning and having fun.

    Sarah A. - 2/10/16
  • I love the sincere effort to see our student succeed and the very personal approach taken by the Director, Zalinia Cole.

    C. L. - 9/19/15
  • Sylvan gives personal attention to the needs of the student, not just the academics but the emotional too.

    P. M. - 9/15/15
  • They involve you in every step of your child's program and it's a friendly environment for kids to study. Good management.

    V. I. - 9/11/15
  • Sylvan has done a great job getting my son ready for high school.

    Rose Guta - 9/2015
  • Sylvan Learning of Strongsville is the best tutoring program I have been to. They have helped me reach and achieve all my goals in the time I have been here. I feel that the teachers here are very understanding and eager to help you with your academics. The Center Director/teacher that I would really like to point out is Zalinia Cole. She has helped me overcome many struggles with my schoolwork and life skills. Although it is a good place to better your education it is still a fun and safe place to be too. I recommend any students to sign up and participate in the program.

    Kassidy Pollard - 8/2015
  • Sylvan in Strongsville is fantastic! My daughter used their services for the ACT Review and loved their methods. They helped her not only prepare, but explained her specific learning style for continued success in high school and college. She feels confident that her years will be more productive and have a greater chance of entering a better college. I couldn't be happier! The staff is very knowledgeable, accommodating, and conscientious about the students.

    Denise Clark - 8/2015
  • I like that Sylvan is very personalized.

    A Satisfied Parent - 7/19/15
  • Wonderful experience so far! Lovely staff who are focused on each child's particular needs and flexible scheduling and payment plans. My kids both look forward to every visit!

    Shawn Meier - 7/2015
  • When we decided to join Sylvan I didn't know what to think but as we got to know everyone, I knew we made the correct choice in signing our son up. He always looked forward to going to the sessions each time. Here is the real and true story. One day our son was at a play date(swimming at a friends house) it was time to go to a session and I figured I might get a hard time about leaving. When I told him it was time to go, he not only was excited about going but wanted to stop at home and get his Sylvan t-shirt on. Another experience that I want to share and this says it all. When we were talking about Sylvan one day, he said the following to me "I want to thank you and Dad for signing me up with Sylvan, things come a little easier to me." That is best reward that anyone can ask for.

    Michael Hoffman - 7/2015
  • The thing that I like most is that everyone at the center is very friendly and that makes a big difference with the children. Sometimes that can make it or break it for a child. They also make it a very fun atmosphere for them.

    Annie H. - 7/8/15
  • I like being able to work with Zalinia (Center Director) to customize my daughter's curriculum.

    Staycie L. - 4/16/15
  • Outstanding teacher communication with parents after each session, sometimes they even write a note saying how my child is doing.

    Beth P. - 4/9/15
  • Staff is very attentive to the kid's individual needs.

    Andie & Dante E. - 3/31/15
  • It works!

    Angela & Michael L. - 3/9/15
  • This location has been nothing short of spectacular!! I could not ask for a better, more compassionate and understanding team of individuals to work with my son and his educational needs! The Director, Zalinia genuinely listened to my concerns for my child and patiently helped to coordinate a program for my son to not only improve...but to excel! I am so very grateful for all they are doing for my son and for me!

    Maureen T. - 2/19/15
  • I like that the program is individualized to  my daughter's needs.

    Elisa M. - 2/19/15
  • Sylvan shows dedication and a high level of commitment to the students and parents.  Love the parent/teacher communication.

    Andie E. - 1/28/15
  • Sylvan has instilled confidence in our child.

    Nichole & Nick O. - 1/9/15
  • I so appreciate the phone call I received regarding services being provided to my son. It has been clear to me that Zalinia, whom I have been working with, is committed to helping the students assigned to her for assistance. I also appreciate the contact to my son's math professor. I can tell by my son's attitude that he feels more confident about that class.

    Teresa H. - 12/1/14
  • I like that Sylvan's program is individualized to address my daughter's needs - not just worksheet after worksheet.

    Elisa M. - 11/18/14
  • Zalinia and Ralph are super friendly and they actually take time with the kids.

    Lashawn & Calvin W. - 11/5/14
  • I like the flexibility of the program.

    Laura M. - 10/27/14
  • Zalinia has been a great supporter for my daughter and always goes above and beyond to supplement the support she is receiving from her teachers.

    Angela J. - 10/12/14
  • My daughter has improved greatly and she likes the staff.  Without Sylvan she would still be struggling.

    Ruth T. - 9/5/14
  • We have noticed much improvement with our child's reading skills and he enjoys going to the Sylvan classes.

    Patricia K. - 8/5/14
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