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Great Teachers Inspire

Our tutors and staff in Temecula consist of passionate educators who love inspiring children to succeed. Warm, caring and great at relating to kids, our tutors in Murrieta know how to engage and motivate each child in a personal way—building confidence and smiles, as well as skills and better scores. We selectively choose tutors who know local curriculum and can link Sylvan lessons to what’s being taught in school. Get to know our tutors and staff in Temecula!

  • Jessica G, Office Supervisor

    Jessica G

    Office Supervisor

    I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from California State University San Marcos. I have spent over 10 years working with special needs children through respite care and Applied Behavioral Analysis. Currently in the last semester of the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. Being a part of the Sylvan family and seeing children grow and achieve their full academic potential has become a passion of mine. 



    Antoinette Love Ransom is creative, warm, and energetic with a background in fashion, marketing, small business, and investments. She is an experienced PR/Branding influencer and freelance Hollywood correspondent, who has been a successful fashion designer, stylist, and event producer. She has recently partnered with Macy’s, Starbucks, and IKEA as their brand influencer. 
  • Brenda T, Asst Center Manager / Tutor

    Brenda T

    Asst Center Manager / Tutor

  • Deja , Tutor/ Admin


    Tutor/ Admin

    "DJ" is a  teacher who holds a BA English degree at CSUSB with a minor in Creative writing, which flows into her personal interests. She has a love for teaching the English language, from beginner level to advanced. In their free time, she enjoys drawing, reading, and writing flash fiction and poetry. 
  • Clarissa A, Tutor

    Clarissa A


    Hi! My name is Clarissa. I’m a teacher at Sylvan Learning Center! I’ve been working here for almost a year and enjoy every second and every child. I’ve been tutoring children for over 3 years. I am currently earning my Graduate degree in Child Development. I have worked with children ranging from K-5 grade and have learned to curate a fun and inviting learning environment. It’s an exciting feeling to know I’ve created such special bonds with every child that comes my way and even more exciting to be given the chance to create more!
  • Benjamin M, Tutor

    Benjamin M


     My name is Ben. I’m a Mathematics tutor. I have a BA in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from California State University-San Marcos. I worked as a Math Tutor at the University’s Math Lab for a few years while I was a student. I have also done some private tutoring before and after I graduated from college. Since I took some very high-level Math courses, there are Math concepts I know of that will hurt your brain (and mine) just thinking about them! Do not worry, I will help your child with even the brain-hurting concepts while tutoring here at Sylvan Learning of Murrieta. I really loved seeing the spark in students' eyes when they finally understand a concept they were struggling with. That is one of the main things driving me as a tutor. I look forward to having a fun time tutoring at Sylvan!
  • Tyrena W, Tutor

    Tyrena W


    My name is Tyrena, I’m currently a teacher for Sylvan Learning. I was accredited with a B.A. in English from the University of California, Riverside. After graduating from UCR, I decided to pursue a career in teaching English and literature. I enjoy discussing literature, as much as I enjoy reading it. In Summer 2019, I was accepted into a pre-service teaching program called Roots LA, where I had the opportunity to teach an 8th-grade English class. The experience was a rigorous 3-month fellowship, where I learned classroom management techniques, pedagogical strategies, and how to create lesson plans with my mentor. Although it was a rigorous program, I enjoyed seeing the students’ faces light up when reading an excerpt from their essays or their interactions in peer-revising papers. The experience was rewarding and trajected me onto a teaching path. Besides teaching for Sylvan, I’m also an Instructor for Alvord School District. My current goals are to go through UC Riverside’s Summer 2021 program and complete the Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts, MFA program by the Fall of this 2021.
  • Heather G, Tutor

    Heather G


  • MaryGold , Tutor