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Affordable Monthly Packages.

Take advantage of our affordable monthly memberships to help your child sharpen skills, stay challenged and get on track to thrive!

Starting at $150 per month

Perfect if your child needs more practice, an added challenge or help with homework, tests or tough workloads.

What You'll Get With Academic Coaching
  • Proactive tutoring support to sharpen skills, keep up with homework and get ahead in class.

  • Learning sessions tailored to your child’s needs—from skill practice, to homework support, to help preparing for tests.

  • A big impact in class with our school-aligned curriculum.

  • Effective practice and skill mastery through our engaging, hands-on learning activities.

  • Expert tutors who understand the new teaching methods from school, so concepts click. (And you don’t have to become an expert!)

  • Tested, innovative programs that work.

  • Convenient schedules (afternoons, evenings and weekends) to work around your busy life.

  • Affordable monthly packages to keep it simple.

How Academic Coaching Works
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