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The Importance of Algebra

Aug 26, 2019
Algebra is commonly referred to as the “gatekeeper subject.” This is especially true in middle school years, when the challenges of adolescence can begin to rise, and when falling off track with school performance can greatly affect future success.

When you begin to consider that your child’s collegiate success is intertwined with their future professional success, then the true importance of strong Algebra skills begins to appear. 

Here at your Sylvan Learning of Vacaville we have the perfect tools to help students build a solid math foundation for future learning. With clear instructions, interactive lessons, and motivating tutors, your child is sure to learn and love math.

Ready. Start. Algebra!
  • High school students must earn credit in Algebra 1 or Integrated Math 1.
  • By 2011, nearly half (47%) of all eighth graders in the nation took Algebra or a more advanced course.
  • With a national trend towards more challenging high school graduation requirements, failing Algebra I or Integrated Math I is a marker that a student is at significant risk of not completing high school.
  • Students who have passed their first year math requirement in either in their eighth or ninth grade year have more academic options throughout high school and can graduate—sometimes with higher honors.
  • Algebra 1 or Integrated Math I is one of the first classes to help children develop logical thinking.
  • Skills learned in your child’s 9th grade math class is used in a wide variety of jobs and career fields, including banking, financial planning, accounting, civil engineering, architecture, medicine, nursing, education, computer coding, computer science, and more.
Algebra is more than just another class to pass. The skills learned in Integrated Math 1 or Algebra, from understanding variables to the development of abstract reasoning skills, will echo through your child’s life and into their career.
Studies continue to emerge that prove Algebra is the key to success in the 21st century. With the fields of technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine, and education ever growing, your child’s future can truly benefit from having a solid foundation on fundamental Algebraic concepts.

With Algebra, your children can open their future to endless possibilities. We our SylvanSync Math program, and Math Homework Support, your child will learn the skills they need to soar with new found confidence and ability.

We cannot stress enough how having a good math foundation is so important for developing higher-level thinking skills and for being successful in science, math, and technology. At Sylvan, our programs are designed to match your children’s needs with college and career readiness standards.

Your child won’t just learn everything they need for school, they’ll also be prepared for the challenges they’ll face ahead in other math courses.
Skills that students can learn with our SylvanSync Math program and Math Homework Support include:
  • Determining rational expressions
  • Multiplying and dividing Algebraic expressions
  • Translating phrases into numerical or Algebraic expressions
  • Solving equations with one or more variables
  • Graphing points from positive input-output values on a table
  • Translating word problems equations
  • Determining slope
  • And so much more!
Our Sylvan tutors understand your child’s need for personal and meaningful tutoring and attention. Plus, they are great motivators who can engage students with a number of strategies and rewards.

So when your child is ready to rock Algebra, look to Sylvan Learning Center. Our tutoring programs get results and will help your child improve in the academic area they most need assistance in.

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A report released by the National Center for Education Statistics notes that the “earlier a student proceeds successfully through Algebra...the more opportunities he or she has for reaching higher level mathematics courses in high school and completion of higher-level mathematics courses is related to higher likelihood of entering a 4-year college or university.”