STEM Camps in Walnut Creek

STEM Camps in Walnut Creek

Keep Your Child Learning & Growing with STEM at Sylvan!

If you’re looking for ways to introduce your child to new and fun experiences, you’ve got to check out our Sylvan STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) camps! Either online or in person at our center in Walnut Creek , we offer innovative camps for elementary and middle school students that are sure to motivate, inspire and encourage creativity. Kids just love them!

Coding Camps
Blast into big-time fun! Your child will learn computer programming through engaging, hands-on projects. The kids love animating characters and creating video games they can play with friends. Plus, our technology platform is seriously cool… kids have thousands of backgrounds, props, characters and music to choose from to help bring their imaginations to life.

Robotics Camps
Your child will enjoy fun, hands-on projects building, programming and animating robots using LEGO®. Each session encourages creativity and imagination as kids brainstorm, build and experiment with amazing robots. It’s a wonderful way to develop critical STEM and problem solving skills.

Engineering Camps
Engineers hold the power to transform the world, one idea at a time! In our engineering camps, your child will turn into a real engineer: designing, evaluating and redesigning machines and super structures. (The creations get more and more amazing!) Every project has a clever theme to spark your child’s imagination and turn problem solving and skill building into a fun game.

Fun & Smart Activities for Kids in Walnut Creek

Whether online or in person, our camps have small group sizes and offer fun, collaborative activities that allow for great camaraderie and socialization opportunities with like-minded kids.

We’ve created our own proprietary curriculum that encourages innovation, creativity and critical thinking. Our courses also meet Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) which means your child is learning the skills, concepts and vocabulary to excel in school and in future careers!

To learn more about the STEM camps available online or in person at our Walnut Creek location, give us a call at (925)478-3903.

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