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Testimonials for Sylvan of Mason and West Chester

At Sylvan Learning of Mason and West Chester, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • I like the individual attention my child receives, and the convenient location.

    Tawanna M. - 10/21/16
  • We have had a very good experience with both our kids going through this program. The teachers teach in a way that kids understand and they make it fun for the kids to return. . . . No Fighting about school work!

    Rick Mattingly - 10/2016
  • Great place for our 6 year old to get spelling & reading help. Our daughter loves the teacher at Sylvan Northgate too!

    Jen -10/2016
  • Great location (Northgate), wonderful tutor. My child did not want to attend Sylvan, but now she gets excited to go and leaves skipping and smiling. Her confidence is growing, and that is wonderful to see.

    C Colerain - 10/2016
  • My son has really enjoyed his time attending the Sylvan Learning Center. They have answered all of my questions I have had so far and are working with my son to help him get where he needs to be at in reading to help build his grades and confidence up. So far, it has been a great experience for my son and I.

    Aminata C - 10/2016
  • Sylvan Learning Center of West Chester has been very helpful in getting my 9-year old daughter back-on-track, over the last year. Her school was trying to put her into an IEP program and her teachers were saying she had a learning disability. After testing at Sylvan, it showed she had no learning disability - She simply needed more help in Math and Reading than the average child at her age. After a year with Sylvan, my daughter is now reading above her grade-level and her Math is at her grade level. This is obviously a big academic help. However, for a 9-year old, the biggest happiness comes from her being able to continue on to the 3rd grade with all of her friends.  We could not have done it without Sylvan Learning Center in West Chester.

    Dave Baker - 10/2016
  • My niece has had a total transformation since attending Sylvan. Her confidence, and overall attitude towards school has drastically changed. Her teachers were wonderful and she made friends that she looked forward to seeing each session. Overall a great experience!!

    Patty Snider - 9/2016
  • Our son was not getting the help or instruction from his current school. I had tried to work with his teacher and principal but they had told me we were putting too much pressure on him. He passed third grade but I was not convinced he truly was ready. We went to Sylvan and had him tested. He was testing at a second grade level in math and early third grade in reading. Over this past summer, they worked with him and he is a different kid. He has come such a long way and is on track. We are keeping him at Sylvan beyond the summer class to maintain our progress. We just received his midterm report. Last year, he received a low B, C and an F. This midterm he has 3 As and 2 Bs. His confidence in himself has come such a long way and he does not dislike school as much as last year. We highly recommend Sylvan if your child is struggling and the school is not listening to your concerns!

    Amy Graham - 9/2016
  • I have been so pleased with my son's progress in Math. He loves his teachers and spending time there. Everything from scheduling and sharing feedback has been so easy. We love the staff!

    Joye Rhoads - 9/2016
  • My daughter has really made progress in reading and math! She actually looks forward to going! Thank you team.☺

    Cecil Harris - 9/2016
  • Sylvan has been very beneficial to my son, and he does not complain about learning over the summer.

    Amy G. - 7/14/16
  • Dedicated teachers, my niece loves coming to Sylvan!

    Patti S. - 5/28/16
  • My daughter has been attending the center since July of 2015 and I just wish I had found Sylvan earlier! She has made lots of progress and is continually getting better. Her teachers at school are even seeing the improvements in her work, and confidence! 

    Monique Harris - 3/2016
  • The communication between the center, tutor and us is wonderful. My child looks forward to her sessions with her tutor.

    Jennifer C. - 2/24/16
  • This location (Northgate satellite) has been great for the Northwest side of town! Restrooms and seating area right near by! Teachers have been outstanding and improvements noticeable!

    Lisa Arrington - 1/2016
  • Very personable, and makes learning fun for my son. I've seen excitement in his eyes for reading!

    Yolanda Robinson - 1/2016
  • I like the communication about my child's progress thru email and talks.

    Jenna T. - 12/30/15
  • I like the convenience in scheduling .

    Susan B. - 12/11/15
  • My son enjoys learning with Sylvan.

    A. J. - 11/24/15
  • What a wonderful experience it has been working with Sylvan. The teachers and the program have given my son the additional tools he needed for school. The confidence and love of learning that my son has obtained through their help has been tremendous.

    Christine Hamm - 11/2015
  • Sylvan has been a great learning experience for my daughter. Not only have the lessons and wonderful teachers expanded her knowledge and continue to catch her up in grade level, but Sylvan has increased her confidence and desire to learn.

    Margaret Rabbitt - 10/2015
  • When my son started, his reading and math grades were very low. Sylvan helped him a lot. Now, his grades have improved so much. I would recommend Sylvan to anyone!

    Angela Noes - 10/2015
  • My son was just under his level with reading and writing before starting Sylvan 4 months ago. I am proud to say that now when we go out my son takes a book with him to READ IN THE CAR! His confidence and reading skills have improved greatly since attending Sylvan. I am very thankful to the staff at Sylvan of West Chester and especially one teacher named Dave. Words cannot express my appreciation for what he has given to my child. Dave has inspired Jack to believe in himself. Thank you for helping Jack find his confidence while tapping and unleashing his inner potential. I am so thankful we found you Dave. At home, I am often reminded of the skills Mr Dave has given Jack when we are working on homework. He will say to me "mom, Dave says to CHUNK the word up", and then he proceeds to figure out the word! I am so PROUD of him, it brings me to tears. This time last year, he would have been frustrated and just given up! Thanks again to SYLVAN and ONE SPECIAL TEACHER named MR. DAVE !

    Lori Phelps - 9/2015
  • My daughter has made great strides since starting Sylvan. Her confidence is up and she is excited about learning now. Thank you Sylvan of West Chester!

    Monique Harris - 9/2015
  • My child gets individual attention to help him better understand his academics.

    L.D. - 8/22/15
  • Teachers are friendly, welcoming, and my boys always enjoy their time at Sylvan and can't wait to go back!

    Christyanne C. - 7/26/15
  • My daughter loves it. And I can see the progress she is making.

    Charlene Y. - 7/18/15
  • Very organized and my daughter's tutor does an outstanding job of discussing word problems in a way that my daughter understands what the problem is asking her to figure out.

    Jennifer C. - 7/8/15
  • Sylvan Learning Center of West Chester is great. My son is excited about learning and enjoys going to his tutoring sessions everyday. The staff and teachers are great and really care about the students growth in their academics!!!!

    R. W. - 7/2015
  • My daughter is being tutored by a teacher that is not only very skilled but very positive and patient. My daughter looks forward to seeing her. Her actual quote, "why can't all teachers be like Mrs Debbie."

    Melissa G. - 6/14/15
  • My daughter's teacher works very well with her, is encouraging, and makes learning more fun.

    M.R. - 6/2/15
  • My daughter has been a member of Sylvan West Chester on and off for a few years. I must say they are wonderful. She has come leaps and bounds with her learning because of them. The teachers are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the kids are successful, for this I am thankful.

    Rosalyn Russel - 6/2015
  • Staff is very efficient, effective, and friendly. My child has shown improvement and successes! He also enjoys coming here to learn.

    L.M. - 5/2015
  • I like the personalized program recommendations.

    Deborah S. - 4/29/15
  • Great place, you learn a lot of great things at Sylvan. You get to use iPads and it's really fun.  They also have a store and if you save up enough reward tokens then you can "buy" awesome gifts.

    S. C. - 3/19/15
  • I love the flexibiity of the program allowing changes to meet my daughter's needs.

    Sylvia B. - 3/15/15
  • I like the flexibility in scheduling.  But I really like how my child feels "accomplished" when he is finished with his session.

    Lori M. - 3/7/15
  • I have noticed within the last few months of my son going to Sylvan, his grades have improved. The teachers are great and seem to be helping him very well. I hope his grades continue to improve.

    Angela N. - 3/6/15
  • I like the flexibility at Sylvan.

    Brigitte B. - 1/27/15
  • I like the knowledge and friendliness of the entire staff.  Everyone is very helpful and will answer any question I have.

    Angie B. - 1/8/15
  • I like the flexibility at Sylvan.  My daughter enjoys coming and I feel it's helpful for her.

    Sylvia B. - 12/28/14
  • The teachers were able to help my son achieve amazing progress in a very short amount of time!

    Jill K. - 11/28/14
  • The instructors care about the students and try to find the best learning strategies for that student.

    Sylvie T. - 10/18/14
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