Testimonials for Sylvan of Winston-Salem

At Sylvan Learning of Winston-Salem, we celebrate successes in many ways: bigger smiles at homework time, newfound confidence on tests and report card victories. But of course, we also love hearing directly from Sylvan families! Every week, parents tell us: “My child is so much happier.” “My child is thriving in school.” “My child wouldn’t have gotten into college without you.” Please explore our testimonials to discover what local families have to say about us.

Take a look at what our customers are saying about us...

  • The staff have helped us so much! We have regular updates on learning progress and they are prompt to address any issues that may arise. We are so grateful for Sylvan!

    Sarah A.
  • My son has grown so much. I have seen so much more self confidence in him. He is reading more and has grown as a person. He also thinks the world of the tutors. I would absolutely recommend Sylvan to all my friends. It’s worth the money for my children future.

    Jessica F.
  • The staff and program are top-notch. My child was provided tools to assist in catching up in grade-level reading that she was behind. She loves to read now without being intimidated or embarrassed about her ability to comprehend and read fluently. The staff is very good at providing monthly updates and tools that will assist your child on their learning journey. We are relocating to another state but trust me I will be seeking out another Sylvan location to continue her educational journey. Michelle and Jess really made my child feel safe to trust them to teach her and her willingness to learn from them was incredible. Jasmine looked forward to going to Sylvan twice a week after school and during a pandemic. I watched her attitude about school change. Thank you Sylvan of Winston Salem.

    Tonya W.