CST Prep in Yorba Linda

CST Prep in Yorba Linda

Score Well on the California Standards Tests (CST)

The California Standards Tests (CST) arrive and like clockwork, so do butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms and jittery nerves. And we're talking about you. Imagine how your child feels!

You can rest easy with CST Prep at Sylvan of Yorba Linda. Our tutors are experts at helping kids take standardized tests with confidence. Your child will feel calm and prepared on test day. Bring on higher scores and the next grade!

With Sylvan of Yorba Linda's CST Prep, your child will:

  • Improve skills that need to be sharpened
    Our test prep tutors will help your child target the skill areas that need the most help. We incorporate local curriculum, so there’s a positive impact in class too.
  • Get more confident with test taking
    No matter how well prepared your child is, some kids just get anxious taking tests. (We get it!) Sylvan will help your child review tested skills and apply strategies to tackle test day with confidence.
  • Feel fully supported and keep frustration down
    We tailor our tutoring sessions to your child’s unique needs, so your child learns in the best way for him or her. Our tutors are experts at connecting with kids, making learning fun and turning anxiety into confidence.
  • Be more successful on test day and beyond
    Our CST Prep can make a big impact on scores — and on moving ahead to the next grade.

There’s a lot on the line when it comes to moving to the next grade.

Sylvan of Yorba Linda tailors our CST Prep to your child's exact needs and struggles. He or she will work with one of our expert tutors to:

  • Feel more confident on test day with expert tutoring and independent practice on specific skills.
  • Manage nerves and achieve better results with proven test-taking strategies.
  • Develop better study habits and positive attitudes that can inspire greater success in the classroom every day.

Make sure your child is ready for testing

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